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Lessons from Sibos 2019

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7 October 2019

Written by
Eleanor Stevenson

Ebury was lucky enough to be one of 200 organisations exhibiting and speaking at Sibos 2019 in London, the leading global event for the international financial industry.

ringing together over 8,000 business leaders, the focus was on ‘Thriving in a hyper-connected world’, a theme close to our own hearts.

This year, Ebury has made significant strides in developing and strengthening the connections necessary to succeed in a hyper-connected world. After finishing integrations with SWIFT gpi, the Faster Payments Scheme and SEPA in 2018, the payment infrastructure that can now be offered has led to some exciting partnerships, including one of the first between a fintech and a bank.

Fintech: Poachers turned Gamekeepers?

Chaired by Joy Macknight, managing editor at The Banker, Ebury’s co CEO and co founder Juan Lobato joined a panel to discuss the challenges and benefits that banks and fintechs can face when partnering. Joined on stage by Jenni Himberg-Wild, Head of FinTech and PSPs Coverage at Barclays, Anil Stocker, CEO and co-founder at MarketInvoice, and Pablo Gonzalez, CFO at Unicaja Banco, the panel shared their collective wisdom on what is necessary for a successful partnership.

We are in the first couple of companies to do this. I believe in the future, these integrations will be easier.

3 years ago you would speak to a bank, and you would get capabilities from a bank. They wouldn’t think about partnering with you, they would want to build it. In the last 6 months it seems banks are now coming to us. Because it does make sense.’ – Juan Lobato

We’d been following fintechs for a very long time, looking at where they were doing well and improving on the service we provide.

We were good at knowing the local landscape, local needs, local clients, but it’s no longer a local business.’ Pablo Gonzalez

When we say we partner with Barclays, it really helps us, and it empowers Barclays relationship managers because not only can they can offer better solutions to their customers, decisions happen much quicker as well.’ Anil Stocker

We’ve been dealing and working with fintechs for a very long time, it’s nothing new. What has really accelerated in the last couple of years is the openness of the dialogue.’ Jenni Himberg Wilde

To learn more about our partnership with Unicaja, please click here.